Energy Deregulation


Energy deregulation refers to customer choice for energy supply. Provinces and states that are deregulated allow for energy users to choose who supplies their energy. Provinces and states that are regulated do not offer the choice of energy supplier. In either situation, the utility will still deliver the energy and ensure reliability (e.g. maintain the power lines). Deregulation allows for more flexibility in supply products and thus, energy users have more control over their costs. Deregulation has also been shown to drive down costs for all customers in the market. Hospital Energy has services for clients in any state or province, but our standard energy procurement process is only available in locations with commodity choice.


Many utilities in Canada and the US allows for natural gas supplier choice. Some utilities (especially smaller municipal utilities and co-ops) may have restrictions, however. You usually won't go wrong if you assume gas choice, but it won't hold true in 100% of cases. Unfortunately, Mexico is not deregulated for natural gas. Please contact us if you have a specific utility you'd like to request information on.  We're happy to help you determine your eligibility.


Electric choice varies widely. The map above indicates which states and provinces have electricity choice (dark, light orange). Mexico (not shown) is deregulated for electricity in many areas, though the market is not as mature and there may be fewer options than in some of the orange areas above. A note of caution: Although deregulation is a long process, there are often multiple active cases where states (or portions of states) are considering changes to their electricity deregulation rules. Many, many maps available online are inaccurate or outdated. We strive to keep this as up-to-date as possible, but we are not immune to falling behind ourselves. If you have any questions, please contact us to learn about what opportunities are available to you. Our typical procurement process requires deregulation. However, for our clients in regulated states, we offer other services that can lower costs. An energy audit is a great place to start, and it may reveal on-site generation projects (including available grant or incentive money), energy efficiency projects, or demand response programs that can help lower your energy costs.

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