Why Choose Hospital Energy?

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Since the energy market is essentially a financial market, energy budget management closely resembles management of a bond portfolio or risk insurance pool. Hospital’s primary focus is in designing customized procurement strategies that conform to each of our client’s budget goals. A successful strategy should provide a balance between seeking opportunities for “lowest possible” energy costs and ensuring budget stability through risk mitigation (protection from a price spike, etc.). This balance is reached through an ongoing collaborative discussion between the client and Hospital Energy.  Hospital Energy’s clients have selected procurement strategies ranging from fully fixed rates to completely unfixed index rates depending upon both market conditions and the client’s goals. We bring analytical rigor, exceptional experience, and wholesale market leverage to deliver optimal results.

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of energy spend across all system facilities to drive down supplier margins by as much as fifty percent. View More 



of facilities under a single strategic vision so that results are optimized throughout the company and savings are not offset by non-participating facilities. View More



to support active management of market energy procurement and deliver overall savings while balancing budget risk and certainty. View More