Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy utilization by identifying and prioritizing cost-effective energy operational improvements, equipment upgrades and infrastructure investments that have positive ROI while increasing energy efficiency, reliability and comfort.

Photo by pixtawan/iStock / Getty Images

The cheapest unit of energy is the one you don’t consume.  Reducing consumption can therefore be the least expensive way to hedge against rising energy costs.  In addition, increasing the efficiency of your facilities reduces carbon emissions and pollution and contributes to sustainability efforts. 

We can provide a broad range of energy efficiency services, including:

  • Consolidate energy system information for continual sustainability benchmarking and analysis across all facilities
  • Analyze real time facility data streams to identify operational adjustments to plant system (chillers, boilers and HVAC) that result in energy savings of 5%-20%
  • Identify, analyze and implement optimal infrastructure upgrades
  • Measure and validate results
  • Monthly consultation